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Do you train business people? Do you develop sales teams? Do you teach at the University? Do you organize company events, Seminars, presentations or conferences?

  • Would like to increase the engagement of your audience ? 

  • Would you like everybody to be active?

  • Would you like to have a clear picture of whether they "follow" you or not?

  • Would you like to assess - in real time - their understanding?

  • Would you like to play "ice breaking" and "team building" games?

With Turning Point you can!!!

With Turning Point you can communicate with your audience through True/False, Multiple choice or Numerical questions which either you have prepared in adnvance in your power point presentation or you can ask "ad hoc".

Your audience can respond using the key pads. The answers can be anonymous if you wish.

The results of the polling are presented in numerical and chart format such as pies and histograms.

All the data involved are being stored and can be exported to excel for further analysis.

You can play games, conduct examinations, assessments or surveys in real time.


Is it easy to use?

Step 1 :  Connect the USB receiver to the computer you will be using for your presentation.

Step 2 :  Distribute the RF wireless keypads to your audience.

Step 3 : Execute software along with Powerpoint or any other software you use for your presentation. 

--->  You are ready for your interactive presentation  <----

CPS characteristics

  • You can easily carry the system everywhere using its own bag.

  • The USB receiver is plug and play, either on Mac or Windows PC.

  • Software is very easy to use and it communicates with Excel and Power Point.

  • The wireless keypads are light weight and and they do not break with falls while they can be up to 65 meters away from the receiver.

  • Instead of wireless keypads you can use your smart phone or tablet. 




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