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Guest satisfaction questionnaires come in two types : printed and online. Traditional printed questionnaires require just a pen and a couple of minutes while online questionnaires can be filled in, by the guests using their smartphone or tablet. Ideally both types should be available to the guests

Satisfaction surveys must contain questions that cover all the services and facilities of the unit. Questions must be simple and clear with an answer scale 1-5. There has to be space for comments or suggestions. Always keep in mind that long questionnaires are tiring for your guests.

In the reference database of Survey123® system you can find a large number of pre-defined,  validated questions which you can include in your questionnaires along with other questions you will ‘compose’ from the beginning.

The layout of the questionnaires along with the quality of paper, influence the number of paper questionnaires that are filled in by your quests (response rates)  as well as the impression you give to your guests on how much you value your opinion.
Our company undertakes the design of both paper and online questionnaires, we also undertake the printing of paper questionnaires is plain paper or ‘envelope’ format. We guarantee that the paper questionnaires we print for your Hotel are 100%  scannable.

Offer incentives to your guests – such as small gifts – in order to fill in the questionnaires. Assign the task to one member of your staff of distributing paper questionnaires specific days every month at places where there is a large number of guests.  (i.e.  The breakfast room)  Make sure that the member of your staff encourages your guests to fill in the questionnaires. Ask the member of your staff to use a ballot box to reinforce anonymity and the importance of the process.



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