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 Survey123 System
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The  Survey123 Hospitality documents (Room cards, We fixed it cards, Not Serviced cards, Bottle labels, Chocolate wrappers) is one more step in your efforts to make your guests feel that you care.

The guests can express - via smartphone or "We value your opinion" card - at any moment their complains or satisfaction and  the guest relations manager will be notified by email within minutes.

The existence of elegant Plexiglass signages with printed QR Codes - Rate us or Report a problem - in the common areas and the facilities of the hotel alerts  the staff,  that they are  continuously assessed increasing their professionalism and improving their behavior towards the guests.

The statistical data and guest comments from the surveys demonstrate the strong points of your hotel, to be used accordingly by your sales and marketing people. The "weak" points, identified by your guests direct you to the necessary changes and improvements to remain competitive.

Performance reports are generated, on a weekly or monthly basis. For every facility or department an overall score from 1 to 10 is calculated. All the related guests comments, along with the best and worst performing questions are included in the report for analysis and staff coaching.

The identification of your Promoters - your guests with high satisfaction scores - means that you can introduce them to your loyalty club with benefits such as special prices and gifts. Furthermore you can ask your promoters through special tools and procedures to introduce your hotel to friends and relatives.  



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