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   Survey123 System  

Are you managing a Resort, a city hotel or a cruise boat? Are you responsible for the customer experience? Are you working in the marketing department of a Hotel?

  • Would you like to have a tool to improve your guests satisfaction and their feeling of nurturing?

  • Would you like to know what is the opinion of your guests regarding the level of the services you offer to them ?

  • Would you like your guests to be able to express their complains directly to the management so that they can undertake corrective action?

  • Would like to have a tool that continuously monitors the performance of all the facilities and departments of your unit?

  • Would you like to have many positive reviews in the Review sites?

With the Survey123 system you can have them!!!   .....

Survey123 System combines :


  • Especially designed hospitality documents that can be found in the rooms, at  the various facilities and all the common areas of the Hotel.

  • On line and printed questionnaires per facility and service.

  • Elegant signs with printed  QR Codes in all the common areas of the Hotel.

  • Software to capture, organize and analyze all the satisfaction data.

  • Management procedures to plan, implement, monitor the system and exploit the information produced.


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