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They are special hospitality tools (printed documents + plexiglasss signages) that have a triple objective : a) Improve guest experience,  b) Systematically collect guest feedback and c) Increase positive reviews about our hotel in the review sites.

   SHDs can help you cover the extra mile that will make your guests feel,  you really care.
They are especially designed for your hotel, taking into account your company Identity, your star rating and your guests target groups.The same criteria apply to the selection of the paper to be used for the printing of the documents

The SHDs can contain QR codes  to encourage hotel guests to use their smartphones or tablets to make online reviews, fill in short online surveys or report a problem online.

Elegant plexiglass signages with printed QR Codes - Rate us or Report a Problem - are located in all the common areas and facilities of your unit. Scanning - with the smarphone or the tablet - the appropriate QR code the guest can report a problem or fill in a short survey.

A complete set of SHDs consists of:

  1. Room Cards (Enjoy your Stay)

  2. Plexiglass signages with QR codes (for all the facilities: Report a problem or Rate us)

  3. Comment cards (We value your opinion)

  4. Personnel business cards

  5. Internet cards (for the password)

  6. Your room was not Serviced (due to DND)

  7. Maintenance cards (We fixed it)

  8. Bottle labels (Water, Wine, Ouzo)

  9. Chocolate wrappers

  10. Printed questionnaires.

Contact us in order to send you a sampe of a complete set of SHDs.



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