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Mobi View™ is the first of its kind to offer a large LCD touch screen that provides the ability to control your lessons from anywhere in the classroom, so you don't have to return to your computer during a lesson.

Mobi View™ helps drive a trainee-centered, active learning environment within the educational environment. Add Mobi™ Learners and up to 9 trainees can interact with lesson content at the same time. Trainees work together and learn from each other for a higher level of collaborative learning.

When you pair Mobi View and CPS (student response system), you receive real-time formative assessment feedback from anywhere in the room. Trainees enter their answers into the CPS device and their responses are immediately displayed on the Mobi View touch screen. Now you have data in your hands that gives you deeper insight into trainees performance during lessons, so differentiated instruction can take place at the moment of learning.

Mobi View™ provides all of the tools you need to successfully deliver compelling interactive lessons in a user interface designed exclusively for instructors. Mobi View is thoughtfully organized, incredibly convenient, and makes everything one-touch simple.

Annotation - Interactive tools presented just the way you need.

Your favorite interactive whiteboard tools are just a touch away from anywhere in the room. Control our Workspace™ interactive software—annotate, draw a shape, hide content with a curtain, and record and playback a teachable moment. Mobi View™ lets you choose your tools and where you'd like to place them. With over 70 classroom-proven tools, Workspace™ is the award-winning, easy-to-use interactive software behind Mobi View™ that allows you to teach with any type of content you choose.

Favorites - All of your resources, organized and accessible.

Now you can access everything you need from anywhere in the classroom. With a single touch, the Favorites screen can instantly launch any program, website, file, or lesson from anywhere, right when you need it. You'll never get stuck spending valuable class time searching for that next resource while your student's attention fades.

Notes - Your own mobile notepad. Private or public.

Mobi View™ makes it easy to jot down quick notes and keep important information on hand. You can share your notes with your students or keep them just for yourself. You can even write directly on the Mobi View™ touch screen before anyone else sees it. It's like having your own digital notebook in the palm of your hand.

Keyboard - Always ready when you need it.

Entering text is so easy and convenient, and completely mobile. The Mobi View™ keyboard is ideal for entering a URL, password (so your students can't see), search keywords, or completing a sentence in a language arts exercise. You can do it all without interrupting the flow of your lesson.

Reports - Immediate feedback for your eyes only.

Get immediate feedback, automatically graded and confidentially presented. Mobi View™ provides you with real-time formative assessment feedback right down to the student name. By using CPS™ student response pads with Mobi View™, you have a powerful formative assessment solution that's incredibly easy to use. View up to 6 different types of reports, including response per student and session results by student. For the first time, you can know exactly how every student is performing in real time so you can adjust your instruction for maximum impact.

Multiuser Mode - Instant collaboration limited only by your creativity.

Turn any lesson into a collaboration or group activity with the touch of a button. With Mobi View, student-centered, active learning has just become a reality. By adding the Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack, you can have up to 9 students participate in an interactive activity while you retain total control of the action with Mobi View.


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