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A software package that combines test design and editing, automatic scoring with the use of  OMR scanners and statistical analysis of Test Results.

Basic functions of QuickTesting

  • Tests creation and editing.

  • Questions Banks administration. 

  • Scanning of answer forms and validation of answer data.

  • Automatic scoring and printing of results.

  • Absence reporting.

  • Statistical analysis of tests results. 

Question types that can be used in QuickTesting

  • Multiple-choice, Open answer, True-False, Multiple Correct.

Test types of QuickTesting software

  • Multiple-choice tests with questions with 4 or 5 alternative answers.

  • Tests with True/False questions.

  • Tests with open answer questions.

  • Tests with multiple correct questions with 4 or 5 alternative answers.

  • Any combination of the above.

Question bases

  • Creation of question bases by lesson, object or class.

  • Correlation of questions with educational targets, writing materials, chapters.

  • Division of questions in categories and subcategories.


We undertake the design of your forms using the colors you prefer, your logos, explanations etc. Our forms are designed and printed according to the high quality standards set by Scantron.

Features of QuickTesting

  • It can be used in Microsoft Windows based PCs.

  • It utilizes Microsoft Access Database Engine.

  • It is a multi user application.

  • It is easy to learn and use.


  • Easy creation of tests with multiple-choice questions or examinations that combine multiple-choice questions with open ended ones.

  • Easy creation of different versions of the same test by mixing the questions.

  • Choice of questions from question bases with the use of multiple criteria.

  • Automated creation of tests  from question bases.

  • Use of preslugging on answer forms.

  • Scanning of answer forms and automatic marking in minimum time.

  • Printing of reports from test results with analytical elements and graphs.

  • Capability of negative marking in selected and critical questions. 

  • Report of absentees from the examination or those who are inexcusable present.

  • Co-efficient of  scaling during marking.


  • Statistical comparison of different groups of candidates.

  • Statistical evaluation "examining" value of every question.

  • Statistical analysis of an examination by group of examiners.

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows (Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista).

  • Pentium III 600 MHz minimum.

  • Colored screen with VGA card or later.

  • Hard drive minimum 50 ΜΒ.

  • CD ROM Drive.






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