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Data Capturing - Service Bureau

Ιn 2004 Anova Consulting created a new department that specializes in Data capturing using OMR and Image Scanners. Eventually the company undertook the authorized distribution and support in Greece of the Hardware and Software products of Scantron.

Scantron produces OMR and Image Scanners and Software. Scantron is a global leader in the area of OMR and Image Scanners. The Scanners of Scantron are famous for their speed, accuracy and durability. Universities, Government organizations and Companies throughout the world use the Scanners and the Software from Scantron for automated scoring, surveying or other applications in the area of Data Capturing.  

Anova Consulting has developed, QuickTesting an application that automates the scoring procedures for Multiple Choice type examinations. QuickTesting combined with OMR and Image Scanners from Scantron is an effective approach in Assessment projects for the Universities, the Armed forces and Government Organizations. 

Anova Consulting also offers in Greece Survey123, a software that can be combined with the Image Scanner iNSIGHT 20, ideally covering the needs of Marketing and Human Resources departments for conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Personnel attitude surveys. 

We also offer data capturing solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Labs or Pharmaceutical Companies that combine Scantron Scanners with specialized software.  

If your Data Capturing needs do not justify the cost of purchasing the equipment you can still have access to all the above technologies using our service bureau at affordable prices.

We offer a full set of services to organizations in order to conduct surveys (i.e. Customer Satisfaction Surveys,  Students attitudes surveys, Patient satisfaction surveys etc) or data capturing from forms.

Within the context of the Service Bureau we offer the following :

  • Needs analysis of the survey project on behalf of the customer.

  • Design and Printing of Questionnaires.

  • Data capturing of Survey data using OMR and Image Scanners.

  • Transfer of  survey Data to a database (SQL Server/ MS Access)

  • Statistical Analysis of Survey Data.

  • Presentation of Results.




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