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SimVenture is a fascinating business simulation game.The game replicates quite closely the creation and running of a small business.People are engaged in decisions and their results from the very first moment.The focus of the game is on small business management for the first three years of the life of a business.

SimVenture is a multi-award winning learning resource. It is widely used in education and commerce.  Many business subjects  –  Sales, Marketing, Finances, People Management, Production -  are brought to life by the game.  People can practice at no risk  in various market conditions improving their Knowledge and management skills.

Why is SimVenture so popular?

SimVenture is a business game that engages and challenges minds, because the software is driven by decisions made by the user. The reality of the business simulation combined with the on-screen information makes it a rich learning resource.

Who is SimVenture for?

SimVenture is a powerful learning resource which can be used by Universities, Colleges, Schools and Individuals. It is also ideal for Business Support Agencies looking to stimulate business start-up activity and an enterprise culture. Commercial organisations seeking to develop greater entrepreneurial thinking amongst staff are also able to benefit from the business game since it offers a highly engaging. authentic and challenging learning experience.

Who uses SimVenture?

Education: By placing the student at the centre of the decision-making process it presents a challenging, active-learning environment with a broad range of applications for business and entrepreneurship education. The software allows students to make decisions, deal with consequences, solve problems, work in teams, be part of a competition and much more.   Since SimVenture has multiple difficulty levels it offers an appropriate and sustainable level of challenge from first year undergradutes to MBA students. Custom features allow teachers to add their own course specific content to the already rich resources held within the software.

Commercial: Use SimVenture to help you: Recruit and nurture the best talent, develop effective teams; and improve individual’s skills within your organisation. SimVenture can be used in many ways by individuals or groups and minimal advance planning is required.

Business Support: SimVenture is an engaging and authentic business simulation game containing a wealth of up-to-date information. The software is a powerful resource giving budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to run a business repeatedly and learn about self-employment in a no-risk environment. SimVenture is designed to increase business start-up numbers. The software is an accessible, engaging and sustainable resource that engages young people and immerses them in the world of business and self-employment.

Individuals: SimVenture is typically used by people who want to learn about business and/or entrepreneurship. Students and budding entrepreneurs benefit from using the software and vocational learners find the software particularly appealing. The business game is also a powerful training resource for organisations seeking to develop teamwork, broaden skill-sets and fast-track thinking.

Business Subjects: Market research, Competitor research, Customer feedback, Pricing, Sales promotions, Customer support, Distributors, Personal selling, Target markets,Selling points, Promotions, Business planning, Advertising, Direct marketing, Public relations, Networking, Websites, Events and exhibitions, Product design, Accounts, Loans, Forecasting, Cashflow, Budgets, Recruitment, Monthly reports, Multiple difficulty levels,...




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