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Trust the Scantron family of high precision data collection tools, with their proven OMR and image capture features, to meet your data management needs. The iNSIGHT® 4ES optical mark read (OMR) and image scanner is one of the most versatile and efficient desktop scanners available for automated data collection.

The Power of Multiple Data Collection Capabilities

The iNSIGHT4ES offers you all the robust capabilities of optical mark recognition (OMR) technology-plus a wealth of expanded functions through document imaging. The iNSIGHT4ES scanner accurately scans an OMR form for written pencil and pen marks (such as bubbles, check marks, tick marks) and bar codes, giving you the most precise and effective data available.

Accurate, Fast and Efficient

The iNSIGHT4ES scanner is accurate, fast and efficient. It has a form throughput rate of up to 2,800 sheets-per-hour and a fixed, automatic feed hopper that holds 100 sheets and helps eliminate continual form reloading and constant operator attention.

Easy to Operate

The iNSIGHT4ES scanner is easy to operate and reads both pencil and pen marks from an OMR form, giving you the most precise and effective data available. Messages are provided on a forty-character display to simplify operation. An open feed path provides sheet visibility at all times as well as easy access for sheet removal and transport cleaning. The scanner self-diagnostics quickly pinpoint any operating problems.

Providing multiple data collection capabilities

Combining OMR and image capture technology, iNSIGHT4ES scanners:

    • Read traditional OMR "bubble" marks.

    • Capture image clips of text areas or text boxes, such as essay responses on a test or comment fields on a survey.

    • Capture images of full pages.

    • Capture and convert written information into digital information with ICR technology - such as name, address, and identification number.

    • Read both pen and pencil forms.

    • Read checkbox responses, X box responses, and bar codes.

Eliminate extra steps

The iNSIGHT4ES is designed to lighten your workload, enabling you to:

  • Readily share documents online with colleagues - such as tests to be graded by a group of teachers. This powerful feature eliminates the cumbersome task of photocopying, distributing, and collecting paper copies.

  • Create electronic archives for a paperless "paper trail" - a convenient and reliable alternative to paper records that can degrade over time.

  • Simplify the process for users in providing demographic information - with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology that converts hand-print to electronic text.


  • Programmable interactive printer(s) that print information on the sheet being scanned based on the scanned data. The printer(s) can print error codes, alphanumeric messages, serial numbers, validation flags, and test scores with no effect on the throughput rate.

  • Bar code reader - reads bar codes in ladder format.

  • SelfScore option allows operation without connection to a host computer with test scoring, survey, and ballot capabilities

  • Select Stacker allows separate stacking of sheets based on criteria selected in your scanning software.

  • Optional RealTime Character Recognition utilizing NestorReader™ software allows processing of machine and hand print data.




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